This is no ordinary checking account.

Xtraordinary Checking is filled with opportunity and convenience. With Xtraordinary Checking, you will be earning as high as 2.50% APY* on all balances up to $15,000! Aside from receiving this fantastic rate, you’ll also be enjoying the safety and convenience of the UniWyo Debit Card and E-Statements.

So how does Xtraordinary Checking work? By using UniWyo’s E-Statements, you will actually be saving the credit union money that would have been spent on the printing, processing, and mailing of your monthly statement. Additionally, every purchase you make with your debit card creates income, paid to UniWyo by the merchant where you made your purchase. Now, because you are truly an owner of UniWyo, where do you think the money you’ve saved and earned should go? You saved it, you earned it, it’s yours!

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Just meet these simple requirements and you’re on your way to earning as high as 2.50% APY:

  • Sign up for UniWyo E-Statements
  • Have at least 10 posted debit card transactions per month with an average transaction amount of $5.00 or more
  • Have at least one monthly direct deposit into your Xtraordinary Checking Account
  • Have an aggregate deposit/loan balance of $5,000 or more

One of the best things about Xtraordinary Checking is you qualify month to month. For example, if one month you don’t make 10 debit card transactions, or don’t meet the balance requirement there’s always next month!


*The Xtraordinary Rate, as high as 2.50% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 11/01/2020, is paid on balances up to $15,000 if qualifications are met. No dividend will be paid on balances over $15,000. If qualifications are not met during any given month, no dividend will be paid. Accounts will be reviewed on the last day of each month and qualifications must be met on this day. Dividends will be based on daily balance. No minimum balance is required. Rates subject to change without notice.